10 Reasons to book Stefano’s Rome Cabs for your Civitavecchia Transfers

Rome Cabs Civitavecchia Transfers


Stefano’s RomeCabs is one of Rome’s leading companies for private Transfers and Tours. We take pride in our dedication to provide reliable, safe, convenient and affordable Civitavecchia Transfers to cruisers in Italy.




Why should you book your Civitavecchia Transfer with Stefano’s Rome Cabs?

Here are some excellent reasons to start and finish your Cruise holiday in the best possible way…


Continuous reliable Civitavecchia Transfer service

With more than 12 years of continuous reliable, professional and quality service, Stefano’s RomeCabs is one of the most recommended companies in Rome for port transfers by cruisers world wide.

Rome Cabs provides Private Transfers for personalized service

We provide private transfers offering guests flexibility and customized service to serve your unique transfer needs.

We don’t shuttle our guests in crowded vans packed with maximum seating capacity to increase profit while compromising comfort and quality of personalized service.


Easy to book your Civitavecchia Transfers on http://www.RomeCabs.com

Easy to book website and confirmation process for secured transfer reservations.

Our website is rich with useful and important information to prepare you in advance.


Rome Cabs Civitavecchia Transfers

http://www.RomeCabs.com Civitavecchia Transfer Page


English speaking office staff

English speaking office staff are on duty 7 days a week to take care of your reservations and transfer needs, and answer your email inquiries. We are also reachable by phone for any urgent matters regarding your reservation.


Travel in comfort and style in our air conditioned deluxe vehicles.



Private Civitavecchia Transfer with Stefano’s Rome Cabs



Professional Rome Cabs Drivers

Stefanos’ RomeCabs Drivers are professionally licensed and have the necessary security clearance to access Civitavecchia port and the cruise ship piers to pick you up and drop you off right on the pier next to your ship for optimal convenience.


No worries about your transfer details

Your Stefano’s Rome Cabs driver will have all your transfer information before hand, so you don’t have to negotiate your transfer needs at the time of the service.

Everything is organized in advance, there is nothing for you to do other than enjoy your relaxing journey to and from Civitavecchia Port.


Competitive and fair prices

Competitive prices among our peers who provide same level of quality service between Civitavecchia and Rome / Fiumicino Airport. Quality and reliable service at fair prices has always been our philosophy and business model.  

Our prices include all applicable taxes, highway tolls, parking fees, and all road expenses required to provide the service.

While quality  does come at a price, the price should also be fair and competitive so our clients receive the best possible value.


Convenient and easy Payment Options

RomeCabs’ clients have the option to to pay in advance or on the same day without requiring credit card number or deposit.

You are not required to give out your credit card number when booking, or required to leave a deposit. We trust you!

 If you wish to prepay in advance, you may do so safely and easily online via PayPal – keeping your credit card information safe.


Upgrade Transfer options with RomeCabs’ Pre Cruise or Post Cruise Tours

You have the opportunity to upgrade your Civitavecchia Transfer to a Pre Cruise Tour or Post Cruise Tour to maximize your sightseeing opportunities in Rome or the countryside before and/or after your cruise.




Rome Pre Cruise Tour with Stefano’s RomeCabs




Counryside Pre Cruise Tour with Stefano’s RomeCabs







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