5 Great reasons to book private tours in Italy

5 Great reasons to book private tours in Italy
*** 5 Great reasons to book private tours in Italy *** (as opposed to bus or group tours)

Buongiorno and welcome to the travel blog of Stefano’s RomeCabs, Italy’s premier company for Tours in Italy, Italy Shore Excursions, and Transfers in Italy.  We’ve been in business for more than 18 years providing safe and reliable private tours from Rome and Shore Excursions from Italy’s top cruise ports.  All our tours are private, and for good reasons.

If you’ve never been on private tours in Italy, don’t know what they entail, or don’t know if private tours in Italy are the best choice for you and your family, then this travel blog will shed some light on this subject and hopefully will help you make informed decisions for your next trip to Italy.

Italy Private Tours_Rome in limo tours
Italy Private Tours with RomeCabs

What Are Private Tours in Italy?

For decades bus tours through Europe have been a staple for international travel. After all, when you booked a bus tour through a tour operator they took care of all the details on their organized trip itinerary. Before the internet, folks relied heavily on travel agencies and tour operators like Perillo for their trips to Italy.  

Renting a car has also been an option for some brave international travelers, however, with Italy’s traffic restrictions in most city centers, traffic, confusing traffic signs, worries of getting lost, and notorious “Italian drivers” who share the same road, renting a car in Italy is not an option for most travelers.  

5 Great reasons to book private tours in Italy (as opposed to bus or group tours)

However, the internet has opened a world of knowledge and possibilities, opening doors to new and innovative ways to experience vacationing in Italy.

Since most international travelers are not courageous enough to rent cars in Italy, nor stay in more remote regions where renting a car is more feasible, and trains only go to limited cities and towns in Italy,  private tours offer the unique opportunity to enjoy Italy comfortably and effortlessly.

On private tours, you will journey in your private deluxe vehicle driven by your personal English-speaking driver who is an expert limousine driver and knowledgeable about the regions in Italy you are touring in. You will have nothing to worry about, no trains to catch, no fears of getting lost by car.  Just sit back and relax.

What inspired us to create Private Tours in Italy?

While bus tours have been a staple in touring Italy for decades, they are also quite restrictive. For starters, bus tours are only available at certain times of the year, so your vacation time would have to coincide with the period certain bus tours are offered.  

Bus tours are also limited to their own itinerary that’s largely created to accommodate large buses.  Such tours also pre-select hotels and restaurants, leaving travelers without a say on their accommodation and meals. 

While bus tours and group tours made traveling to Italy “easy, they didn’t make it exciting, flexible, customizable, and accommodating

As our clients often told us for years, they didn’t enjoy touring in large groups, walking extensively because buses had to park so far away,  following a guide with an umbrella stick without an option to stop and take a photo, and not being able to stay longer to enjoy a particular site because they had to catch up with the group.

Stefano RomeCabs_Rome Private Tours CIvitavecchia Shore Excursions_
Stefano’s RomeCabs- Private Italy Tours

Stefano Costantini, the owner of Stefano’s RomeCabs and Stefano Rome Tours, listened to the gripes of many tourists when he first started working as a limo driver, and it inspired him to offer private tours to travelers staying in Rome who wish to see places in Italy that are not offered on bus tours. He pioneered private Italy tours when bus tours were the most common way to tour through Italy. 

With just an email address and a primitive website (in the early 2000s), Stefano Costantini crafted customized tour itineraries for Rome Tours by car, as well as day tours from Rome and shore excursions from Civitavecchia. And so RomeCabs and Stefano Rome Tours were born, from the simple idea to offer travelers more touring options, and private options than bus tours were able to provide.

Stefano’s RomeCabs – Private Italy Tours from Rome

Where can you go on private tours of Italy from Rome?

If you are staying in Rome as your base in Italy, you can enjoy day tours from Rome to the Countryside, Rome tours to Tuscany, Umbria, and Amalfi Coast.  If you are staying in Florence (or elsewhere in central Italy), we can also provide customized private tours in Italy for you.

If you are arriving at the port of Rome in Civitavecchia, you can also enjoy Shore Excursions to Rome, and to the Roman Countryside. If you are cruising to Livorno, La Spezia, or Naples cruise ports, we offer private shore excursions from those popular cruise ports as well. Simply visit our website for our collections of private shore excursions in Italy.

And here are our 7 great reasons to book private tours in Italy
(as opposed to bus or group tours)

1. Plan your tours around your vacation time, not the other way around

Plan your perfect Private Italy Tour - RomeCabs
Plan your perfect Private Italy Vacation – RomeCabs

The days of planning your vacation time around organized bus tour itineraries are over!  

Private tours are flexible, meaning that you can book your private tours in Italy when you want to travel, not when the tour operators scheduled the package tours.  This means you can choose where to go and what to see (no unwanted cameo or leather factories).

2. Private Tours offer privacy for your family and travel companies

Tuscany Tours from Rome in limo_RomeCabs Italy Private Tours
Private Italy Tours to Tuscany from Rome – Rome Cabs Luxury Tours

Touring Italy with your family or friends in the privacy of your own vehicle is much more enjoyable than sharing your space with 50 (or so) strangers. In fact, you don’t share your private space with anyone else.  Private Tours offer a level of intimacy that large bus tours and group tours don’t.

3. Private Tours are customizable and flexible

You no longer have to settle for touring sites that you don’t want to simply because that’s what is included in a pre-packaged bus tour.

Private tours offer a wide variety of itineraries you can choose from to suit different tastes and interests.  With our private tours by car, you can see MORE of Italy than on a bus tour.

You can even customize your private tours in Italy based on your interests. You are no longer limited by pre-set organized tours that limit choices. Our website offers a wealth of information and detailed descriptions of amazing places in Italy to help inspire and inform you.

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4. You can see and do more in Italy on private tours than on bus tours.

Although more expensive, private tours in Italy save you money as you can see 2-3 times more in 1 day on a private tour than on bus tours or DIY saving you on extra hotel expenses for a longer trip. If you only have 1 week of vacation time but your  “must-see” can take 2 weeks on bus tours, you are essentially wasting your valuable vacation time.   

Buses are restricted from city centers and unable to access many towns and villages.  For example, bus tours in Rome can only achieve about 3 sites as the rest (and most worthwhile) are inside the historic center that is inaccessible to bus tours.  On average, on a private Rome tour can visit at least twice as many sites doubling your sightseeing opportunities in just one day!

The few locations that buses can stop at requiring extensive walking (sometimes even 15-20 minutes or so on foot from the bus and back), which not only can be exhausting during hot summer months but also a waste of precious time.

As buses travel slower, and group tours take longer, a valuable part of the day that could be enjoyed sightseeing is also lost. 

Private tours in smaller vehicles such as minivans can access all historic centers and can stop near most attractions to maximize sightseeing and minimize walking distances. Without a group to follow or to slow you down, you tour at your own pace and make the most of your day sightseeing.

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Tuscany Tours from Rome_RomeCabs Private Tours in Mercedes limos
Tuscany Tours from Rome – 5 Great reasons to book private tours in Italy

5. Private Tours are safer (healthwise) than crowded bus group tours

The Covid pandemic has taught us new ways to keep ourselves protected from catching contagious illnesses. By limiting your exposure to large numbers of strangers in close quarters, you help keep yourself and your family safe.  

Not everyone can travel in the summer. Many travelers even avoid summer travel due to the strong summer heat, huge crowds, and peak airline and hotel rates.  Off-season (winter) is enjoyable in Italy, and shoulder season (spring and fall) is even preferred to summer by many travelers.  Unfortunately traveling during shoulder-season and off-season coincides with most cold and flu seasons. Even without pandemic travel, catching a nasty cold or flu can put a hamper your vacation.

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RomeCabs Italy Private Tours in limo
RomeCabs Italy Private Tours in limo – 5 Great reasons to book private tours in Italy

6. Private Tours are ideal for families with small children

Private tours are particularly beneficial to families with small children who may not take well to extended bus rides,  long walks following a guide, and keeping up with the group.

Private tours also allow families to choose itineraries that would be most enjoyable for their children and also customize their tours to include places that their children would enjoy more. By not having to keep up with groups, families with children can tour at their own pace and at their leisure.

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Italy Private Tours are perfect for families with children

 7. Private Tours are perfect for senior travelers and travelers with mobility issues

Many senior travelers and those with mobility concerns book private tours that make it much easier for them to enjoy touring Italy.  It’s much easier to get in and out of a sedan or a small minivan than to climb in and out of a coach bus. 

Private Tours are ideal for senior travelers, travelers with mobility concerns

Private tours in Italy can also be customized to include sites that are more accessible to guests with mobility issues, avoid sites that may require extensive walking and standing (for example, Vatican or Pompeii), and tour at a slower pace more comfortable for them.

Private tours are also more wheelchair accessible for travelers who use a foldable wheelchair and can easily get in and out of the vehicle with assistance from their travel companions.  Private tours can also be customized to include areas that are more wheelchair accessible, and avoid attractions that are not.

RomeCabs reviews _Rome Tours Shore Excursion from Civitavecchia to Rome Cruise Tour Rome in limo tours_
RomeCabs Reviews – See what our customers say about our Tours

We these 7 Good reasons to book private tours in Italy (as opposed to bus or group tours)  travel blog helped you determine if private tours through Italy are the right choice for you and your family or travel companions on your next trip to Italy.

We invite you to browse through our extensive collection of tours in Italy for ideas and inspiration for your next Italy vacation. If you find private tours in Italy that you wish to book, you may simply book online. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just contact us via email and our tour experts will be happy to assist you with planning your perfect Italy tours!

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5 TOP “Cruisers’ Choice” Rome Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia

Stefano's RomeCabs Civitavecchia Shore Excursions Rome

Buon giorno and welcome to Stefano’s RomeCabs, Rome’s leading company for private Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia, as well as Port Transfers and Day Tours through Italy.

We have been providing reliable quality shore excursions from Civitavecchia for more than 15 years, and we’d like to share with you our TOP 5 Cruisers’ Choice Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia with RomeCabs that our cruising clients have requested and booked the most.

Below are the tours, along with descriptions, photos and videos to help you choose the tour best suited for you and your family.

On all our shore excursions, your personal English speaking Driver will meet you on the Pier next to your ship in the morning, and following your tour by car will conveniently drop you off right back on the pier next to your ship again.

ALL the tours below are also offered as a Day Tour from Rome hotel for cruisers who are staying in Rome pre cruise or post cruise, as a Shore Excursion for cruisers docking in Civitavecchia just for the day, and a Post Cruise Tour option with pick up from Civitavecchia and drop off hotels in Rome or Fiumicino.


5 TOP “Cruisers’ Choice” Rome Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia




Rome in A Day is by far THE most popular shore excursion from Civitavecchia as well as day tour from Rome for cruisers spending time in Rome pre cruise or post cruise.

Cruisers who book this tour wish to visit and experience the “must sees” and we make it possible on our Rome in a Day tour!

The suggested itinerary for the ROME IN A DAY tour is:

Visit inside the Colosseum, world’s most famous ancient Roman amphitheater

View of the Roman Forum from top of Capitoline Hill

See Circus Maximus with the imposing backdrop of Palatine Hill

Visit the Pantheon – the incredible ancient Roman pagan temple converted into a Christian church

The Trevi Fountain – the most renown fountain in the world (don’t forget to continue tradition by tossing a coin into the fountain to ensure another visit to the Eternal City)

The Spanish Steps with its elegant staircase that unfurls to connect the square below to the church and obelisk on top

The Vatican – prepare to be amazed by the treasure trove of art inside the vast Vatican Museums, Michelangelo’s masterpieces inside the Sistine Chapel, and the wonders of St Peter’s Basilica.


ROME IN A DAY TOUR from Civitavecchia with Stefano's RomeCabs

ROME IN A DAY TOUR from Civitavecchia with Stefano’s RomeCabs




Panoramic Rome for Cruisers offers a panorama of the Eternal City with a taste of Rome’s highlights and a few surprises.

This popular tour was created in response to increasing demand from cruisers requesting a more relaxing tour, avoid highly crowded places such as the Vatican Museums and Colosseum, and have flexibility without advance  purchased non-refundable tickets with strict time slots (again, such as the Vatican Museums and Colosseum).

This tour is also an excellent option on the 1st Sunday of the Month when it’s not possible to visit the Vatican Museums as they are closed and the Colosseum has free entrance which results in hours’ long wait in long lines.

Our Panoramic tour offers the following fun filled suggested itinerary:

Piazza della Rotonda with the monumental breathtaking Pantheon.

Enjoy a taste of La Dolce Vita with visits to Rome’s most popular and lively squares: Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and Piazza Navona.

Venture to Ancient Rome and enjoy a sweeping view of the Roman Forum from top of Capitoline Hill

From Colosseum Square, you can take in the massive awe inspiring Colosseum before you.  If you walk a bit further, you can also see close up the giant Arch of Constantine (one of the 3  triumphal arches closely located – the other 2 are inside the Roman Forum and you can see them from top of Capitoline Hill)

A visit to the 12th century Basilica of San Clemente will surprise you with an underground journey back in time to Ancient Rome as you peel off the layers of Rome’s 2,000 year old history.  On this amazing underground journey you will explore an early 4th century church upon which the current one was built, and further below the remains of a 3rd century ancient Roman apartment complex with a Mythraic temple dedicated to Mithras – an ancient Roman pre-Christianity cult.





Vacanze Romane / Roman Holiday Tour evokes nostalgic sentiments of the old classic movies that still live in our hearts.  Roman Holiday is one of the many unforgettable classics filmed in Rome (another that has captured our hearts is La Dolce Vita).
Our sister company Stefano Rome Tours has created a FUNtastic Rome tour that takes you many of the famous locations in the 1953 movie Vacanze Romane / Roman Holiday starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

Vacanze Romane/ Roman Holiday Tour suggests the following itinerary of Rome’s most classic locations:

A visit to the Colosseum to explore the colossal ancient Roman amphitheater.

A drive through Piazza Venezia will take you to Capitoline Hill for a picture perfect view of the Roman Forum.

You will continue your drive past Teatro Marcello to the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin to see the Mouth of Truth (Bocca della Verita). If you don’t mind the line, you can have your own pictures taken infamously putting your hand inside the mouth of truth and hope it won’t bite you should you telling a lie!

A stop for a stroll along the beautiful Ponte Sant’Angelo bridge that’s next to Castel Sant’Angelo – the mausoleum of ancient Roman emperor Hadrian that was later converted into a medieval fortress, a prison and then a castle with ornate quarters.

Trevi Fountain has been featured in so many classic movies that it most definitely merits a visit, along with the elegant Spanish Steps.

No movie buff would miss the opportunity to stroll along Via Margutta – the street made famous as the actual address of Gregory Peck’s character: Via Margutta 51. It’s a quiet, pristine, charming oasis in the middle of a chaotic city.

Last and not least, a visit to the fabulous Pantheon will complete your Vacanze Romane / Roman Holiday tour.


Vacanze Romane Tour was recommended by Travel and Leisure

Vacanze Romane Tour was recommended by Travel and Leisure Magazine




Ancient Rome history buffs  frequently choose our Seven Wonders of Ancient Rome Tour for the wonderful experience of exploring ancient Rome’s most fascinating engineering feats we can see in their monuments, roads, buildings, aqueducts, and ruins.

Your Rome tour through the Seven Wonders of Ancient Rome will first take you to the Colosseum – one of the world’s greatest examples of Roman architectural and engineering achievements.

Nearby, you will see what remains of Circus Maximus, the largest chariot racing and sports arena of Ancient Rome.

The Imperial Baths of Caracalla will leave you in awe as you walk through the giant structures that are all that remains from Emperor Caracalla’s massive complex that included Olympic size swimming pool, cold and hot baths, gymnasiums, Greek and Latin libraries, conference rooms, and more.




You will next drive to the 4th century Ancient Appian Way – known as “Regina Longarum Viarum,” or “Queen of the Long Roads”, and one of the most important strategic roads of the Roman Republic. Segments of this ancient road are impressively well preserved so you can have an overall idea of what an ancient Roman road was like.

The Park of the Aqueducts is not a regular park, but jaw dropping display of remnants of some of the seven major aqueducts of Rome that were Rome’s lifeblood, carrying water uphill and downhill for long distances.

The Pantheon is always a favorite… regardless of the theme or subject of a tour.  And it’s also one of the Seven Wonders of Ancient Rome, followed by Trajan’s Forum which will complete your tour.

Just across the Roman Forum, Trajan’s Forum is a testament of Ancient Rome’s golden age of architectural wonders commissioned by ambitious Emperors, and overwhelmed visitors for ages. What is most visible still is Trajan’s Column (a victory column that details Trajan’s successful campaign against the Dacians – modern day Romania), and Trajan’s Market – possibly the world’s first shopping mall!

Seven Wonders of Ancient Rome Shore Excursion from Civitavecchia - with RomeCabs



Many years ago fans of the book and movie Angels and Demons, inspired our sister company Stefano Rome Tours to create this tour and offer Cruisers the opportunity to come face to face with many of the amazing locations in Rome featured in the the novel and movie.  Long after the movie and book lost popularity, cruisers and travelers alike still book this tour to enjoy the locations in Rome that are wonderful to visit whether or not you are a fan of the book and movie.

The Angels and Demons tour take you to the primary locations that represent the 4 elements featured in the book: Earth, Fire, Water and Air, as well as other must see locations in Rome related to the novel and movie:

  • Castel Sant’Angelo
  • St. Maria del Popolo Church  (EARTH)don’t miss Raphael’s Chigi Chapel and the Caravaggio paintings in the Cesaris Chapel
  • St. Peter’s Square (AIR)
  • St. Maria della Vittoria Church (FIRE) – don’t miss Bernini’s sculpture of Ecstasy of Saint Teresa.
  • Pantheon
  • Piazza Navona (WATER)
  • Vatican Museums
  • Sistine Chapel


Thank you for visiting our travel blog and reading our 5 TOP “Cruisers’ Choice” Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia – with RomeCabs article.

To browse through our day tours, shore excursions from other cruise ports in Italy, and transfers,  please visit our website.

We look forward to showing you beautiful places in Italy!

The Rome Cabs Team

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Stefano’s RomeCabs Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia




Rome Cabs Civitavecchia Transfers


Buon giorno and thank you for visiting our Stefano’s RomeCabs Transfer and Tour Blog.  Our mission is to help turn your trip or cruise to Italy into the vacation of a lifetime!

Civitavecchia is the main sea port of Rome on the Tyrrhenian Sea about 1.5 hours from Rome.

Its name, Civitavecchia, means “the ancient village”, and it does have ancient roots as the modern town was built over a pre-existing Etruscan settlement and during the Roman times Emperor Trajan constructed a harbor in early 2nd century AD.

Civitavecchia is also the “Port of Rome” serves as the primary cruise and ferry port with tens of thousands of cruisers leaving, arriving, or docking in Civitavecchia each month.

If you are cruising and docking in Civitavecchia, there are so many opportunities for shore excursions in Rome and into the rustic and historic countryside not far from Civitavecchia.

In this post we will offer you some of the most popular shore excursions into Rome and into the countryside offered by Stefano’s RomeCabs for your consideration for your future trips to Rome or shore excursions from Civitavecchia.

Stefano’s RomeCabs’ private shore excursions are provided in your own private deluxe vehicle with  your own personal knowledgeable English speaking driver at your disposal for an enjoyable fun filled excursion.

If you wish to visit Rome from Civitavecchia, we suggest the following tours:

Rome Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia



Our classic Rome in Day From Civitavecchia Shore Excursion offers guests the opportunity to visit exciting monuments such as the Colosseum and Pantheon, explore the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica, and enjoy the lively Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps.



Panoramic Rome for Cruises shore excursion offers cruisers a more relaxed and flexible tour of Rome with opportunities to experience Rome’s highlights while avoiding crowded tourist attractions with lengthy security lines and pricey advance tickets that leaves very little time for flexibility and last minute changes in travel plans.

On this Panoramic Rome for Cruisers tour includes the following sites:  The Pantheon, Piazza della Rotonda, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, St Peter’s Square, Capitoline Hill with view of the Roman Forum, Colosseum Square, Basilica of San Clemente and Underground Rome.



Seven Wonders of Ancient Rome Tour with RomeCabs

Rome was the last of the world’s grandest ancient civilizations that have profoundly impacted today’s architecture, engineering, politics, and entertainment as they left behind vestiges of their impressive achievements that can be enjoyed and admired today.

The Seven Wonders of Ancient Rome includes:  The Colosseum, Circus Maximus, Baths of Caracalla, Via Appia, Park of the Aqueducts, Pantheon, and Trajan’s Forum.



Vacanze Romane Tour of Rome


Recommended by Travel + Leisure Magazine, Stefano Rome ToursVacanze Romane / Roman Holiday Shore Excursion takes you on a journey through the Rome following many of the popular sites featured in the classic film starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

The sites in the Vacanze Romane tour includes the following exciting places in Rome: the Colosseum,  drive through Piazza Venezia, view the Roman Forum from Capitoline Hill, the Mouth of Truth,  view Castel Sant’Angelo with its beautiful bridge Ponte Sant’Angelo,  Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps,  Via Margutta and the Pantheon.



Angels and Demons Tour with Stefano Rome Tours


Angels and Demons tour by Stefano Rome Tours is based on Dan Brown’s novel and film Angels and Demons and takes you on a spectacular day in Rome following the path of the Illuminati in the footsteps of Robert Langdon:  Castel Sant’ Angelo, Santa Maria del Popolo Church, Santa Maria della Vittoria, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and the Vatican.


Countryside Tours from Civitavecchia




Stefano’s RomeCabs popular Countryside Splendor Shore Excursion from Civitavecchia takes you into the heart of the Roman tranquil countryside.

On this tour will have the opportunity to experience the beauty, charm, and wonders of 3 of Italy’s most profound eras: The opulent Renaissance Era with a visit to the imposing Bracciano Castle that overlooks the pristine volcanic Lake Bracciano, lunch in the Medieval hamlet of Ceri where time seems to have stood still for 1,000 years, and the Etruscan Civilization as you explore the numerous ancient tombs inside Cerveteri Etruscan Necropolis of Banditaccia.




The Etruscan Mystery Shore Excursion from Civitavecchia with Stefano Rome Tours takes you on a historic journey into the heart of the Roman countryside to experience one of world’s most fascinating and advanced ancient Pre-Roman civilizations: the mysterious Etruscans.
On this tour you will have the opportunity to visit Tarquinia and explore the ancient Monterozzi Necropolis with a dozen of beautifully frescoed underground tombs depicting scenes from everyday lives of the ancient Etruscans.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, there is simply nothing in the world like the Etruscan tombs in Tarquinia.  

The nearby town of Tuscania is also one of the oldest towns in Italy dating back to 3,000 years ago, and it boasts two historically and architecturally significant churches and a view described by English novelist and poet D.H. Lawrence as “The most beautiful view in all Italy: the Etruscan valley of Tuscania


With all these options to choose from, you are sure to have an amazingly unforgettable shore excursion from Civitavecchia…and if there are more than 1 tour you are interested in, these tours are also offered as Day Tours from Rome if you will be spending time in Rome before or after your cruise, or as as Post Cruise Tour starting from Civitavecchia and ending at your hotel in Rome.


For more information about our day tours and shore excursions from Civitavecchia, Livorno or Naples, please visit our website at www.RomeCabs.com

Also visit our sister company Stefano Rome Tours for a wide variety of day tours and shore excursions in Italy: www.StefanoRomeTours.com

Thank you very much for choosing Stefanos’ RomeCabs for your Transfers and Tours in Italy. We look forward to showing you beautiful places!

The RomeCabs Team