How NOT to Become a Victim of Airport Transfer Scams and Impostor Websites in Rome

Rome Cabs Transfers
Don’t Become a Victim of Airport Transfer Scams and  taken for a ride by Fake and Impostor websites in Rome that copy legitimate companies’ names to dupe and mislead tourists.
Copycat websites are not new in the World Wide Web we’ve come to depend on for so much. It’s even more devious when it hits international tourists who don’t know the difference between honest and shady companies abroad. Human nature tends to be trusting, after all, if a someone creates a website, provides a service for a fee, and there is no scandal that surrounds them online, it means they are genuinely operating a sound business. That’s not always the case.
Many companies have invested so much over the years to establish themselves as reliable, recommended and trusted in the industry. Like us, many have cemented a name for themselves based on their sound reputation for operating an honest and dependable business travelers have come to trust and rely on. That’s when fly-by-night unknowns appear on the scene with names and websites very similar to existing companies, and this often confuse travelers in booking with them. How do they do this?
They use website names suspiciously similar to the established company they’re targeting.  One example of such practice is,  for instance, when you google Rome Cabs, in addition to the official and ONLY Rome Cabs website:, you will find websites that use variations and added words like transfer or booking after RomeCabs.
Or they employed SEO techinques so their website headliner may read Rome Cab or RomeCabs, but their website address is something completely different! Always compare the website address to the headliner.
Other scam artists spend money on Google adwords and use our company name in the header to mislead clients thinking we are them!
Some also create email addresses bearing the same name or suspiciously similar as the company they target….with a @hotmail, @gmail, @yahoo, or any other variations at the end. People who don’t know the difference can be easily mislead and confused.
 When the name of the company,  their website address and content do not match, be aware.


There are ways to protect yourself from becoming a victim of unscrupulous online companies.

* ALWAYS book your service with established companies that come highly recommended by sources you trust. When it comes to your and your loved ones’ safety, you should not leave anything to chance.

* NEVER blindly google or search the company name online to obtain their website. This is what copycat websites are counting on because here is where people become confused. The title tag above the website can be influenced by key words, and it may not represent the actual company name.

* ALWAYS make sure you have the correct company website address. When you ask for recommendations, make sure you also receive the website address along with the company name.

* ALWAYS contact the company by typing in their official website on your browser, never based on a search engine search.

* If you accidentally click on the wrong website, pay attention to anything that seems off. If you notice:

  • the company name on the website is different
  • the prices are different, the services are different,
  • the website does not look professional
  • or they have non-Italian phone numbers
  • these usually signs that you may be on the wrong website and if you may unintentionally book with the wrong company.


* NEVER book your car service based on cheap and deeply discounted prices. The way most fly-by-night and impostor websites get clients is by offering very low prices compared to most established companies who invest in quality and safe service. .

Please know that when it comes to private car service you really do get what you pay for. A responsible car service company in Rome cannot survive offering cheap and deeply discounted prices below market value without cutting dangerous corners on vehicle safety and proper maintenance, insurance, quality of service, or even breaking laws.


When you are booking car service online from unknown companies and websites offering cheap prices, you can get taken for a ride in more ways than one, and worse: you can potentially put your personal safety at risk!


We have received untold number of calls from desperate travelers stranded at the airport or the cruise port (many of them elderly) because their drivers never showed up. In all these cases, they booked service via cheap copy-cat websites thinking they booked with the REAL Rome Cabs.

Fly-by-night and copycat websites typically have nothing to lose since they do not depend on their reputation and word of mouth for their business. They often operate on multiple websites, so if they garner enough bad reputation online via one website, they simply shut it down and open another.

Don’t become a victim of online impostors and unscrupulous companies no matter what type of service you are seeking, protect yourselves and your loved ones on your trips abroad. After all, safety first! There are many honest, established and reputable companies to chose from, so which ever company you select to book with, do so only after careful consideration based on reliable information, and with diligence in making sure you are booking with the intended company.

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~The RomeCabs Team.

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